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Emiliano Morrone

docente a contratto


Eng. Emiliano Morrone,PhD graduated cum laude in Environmental Engineering at II Faculty of Technical University of Bari in 2004. In 2006 he was admitted to the XXI cycle of PhD Course in Environmental Engineering at the same Faculty, (tutors: Proff. Trentadue and Marano). He obtained his PhD in 2009.  

In November 2006 he was awarded of a scholarship by Apulia Region. He spent a period of his research at international ROSE School. His areas of interest are: stochastic dynamics, seismic fragility, fuzzy structural analysis and optimization. During his PhD activity, he focused his investigation in the analysis of  dynamical response under uncertainties.

He developed, under the supervision of his tutors, innovative approaches of treating the so called informal and lexical uncertainties in assessing response of seismically forced systems combining classical probability theory and new developments of fuzzy sets theory. He has  published several works in this field.

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